Saturday, January 23, 2010


Der auf am römsten schon kurz vorgestellte neue Erzbischof von Mecheln-Brüssel, Mgr. André-Mutien Léonard, hat bereits 2006 in der Zeitung Knack ein Interview gegeben, daß sehr, sehr viel Freude auf Mehr macht!

Auf dem niederländischen Blog In Caelo et in Terra gibt's jetzt eine Englische Version. Mgr. Léonard zeigt sich dort eloquent, gebildet und orthodox, wie incaelo selbst auch einleitend feststellt. Hier ein klitzekleiner auszug:
    What do you say then to people who suffer and lose their faith because of that?

    LÉONARD: That I understand them. I detest it when I hear that people in the Church tone down the unacceptable character of evil. We can never say that evil is not so bad, as certain theologians do. That God created the world out of a certain didactic concern, to teach us how to fulfill this world. I don’t believe that. But a God who reasons like that would be a sadistic God. Of course fighting the troubles of life is a way to grow. But suffering can never be explained by that. I’d rather become an atheist myself.

    What is your explanation of evil then? That God wanted it?

    LÉONARD: No, certainly not! If I may use a philosphical term, I’d call evil contingent – something that exists, but does not necessarily have to exist. It exists, but could just as easily not have existed at all. That is why I think it is so important that we keep interpreting the original sin as a spoiling of the world, not as a required element of it.
[Hat-tip: NLM]

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